Philosophy - Paul Lucia Photography

Wedding (Martrimonio)- Each wedding has its own distinct personality, and it requires a professional to be prepared for all the elements, great and small. As the day unfolds, it is the details that tell the story. There are no second chances or "take two" at weddings. Every moment, experience and emotion must be seized.

Children (Bambini)- Absolutely one of my most treasured subjects. Art is based entirely on truth, and children are incapable of hiding from the truth. Children express inner joy without restraint. The result: images that are precious, and in some cases nearly perfect, as only a child could be.

Boudoir "L'intimo Collezione"- I've had women jump up and down, giggle and dance, sigh deeply, and in rare moments scream with excitement. Creating an image that gets that kind of reaction is nothing short of wonderful. Women deserve to be adored, they need only trust in my ability to capture their beauty.

Composition (Composizione)- Projects shot entirely out of passion.